Forgot your score?

The solution is SegnaPunti®

In both Tennis and Ping Pong (Table Tennis), especially in doubles, it is hard sometimes to keep track of the score, service turns and court change.
SegnaPunti® is a software that connects to one or more BlueTooth
push-buttons worn by players.


SegnaPunti® in Tennis

Install the App on a Tablet (iPad or Android) located near the tennis court net. One of the players pins the supplied Bluetooth button on its shirt and, with a simple click, advances the score.

In the App preferences you can enable voice calls: the speaker of the Tablet will declare the point, the service change, the Set score, the field change, the TieBreaks, etc.
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Not everyone can afford a Referee

SegnaPunti® can also be used by a third person, manually. However, it is difficult to renounce the convenience of a remote control like our BlueTooth button: small, very light, equipped with a convenient t-shirt clip, with a 3 years battery.
You can also change your game preferences:
- TieBreak at 10 for the final Set
- no Sets, no TieBreak, no Advantages
- Deciding Point: no Advantages
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Doubles in tennis

The BlueTooth button has 3 functions: 1 click, double click and hold.
SegnaPunti® can be used with 1 or 2 BlueTooth push-buttons but, obviously, with a single push-button the remote functions are reduced.

In tennis doubles, the use of 2 buttons (1 player chosen for each of the two teams) also allows you to collect more complete game statistics. To know more...

Table Tennis

SegnaPunti® in Table Tennis

Install it on a Tablet (iPad or Android) located next to the table, near the net. One of the players pins the supplied Bluetooth button on its shirt and, with a simple click, advances the score.
The button, equipped with an adhesive backing, can also be glued on the lower edge of the table. To know more...

SegnaPunti® in competitions

SegnaPunti® can also be used manually, during competitions, by an Umpire on the sidelines.

The same Umpire can advance and check the score with the convenient BlueTooth button.
You can also change your game preferences to 5 Sets or 7 Sets. To know more...

Table Tennis double

The BlueTooth push-button has 3 functions: 1 click, double click and hold.

In the double Tennis Table, service changes are so frequent that SegnaPunti® will become indispensable for you.To know more...

Features of SegnaPunti®

  1. TRACK SCORE, ORDER OF SERVICE, FIELD CHANGE - The display clearly shows the different game situations, perfectly visible to both players if the Tablet is positioned near the benches on the sidelines. Buy it now!
  2. TENNIS AND TABLE TENNIS (Ping Pong) - Each preference of SegnaPunti® is independent and personalized on the sport in use. We have big plans for this App, including the integration of other Sports, such as Volleyball, Paddle, Basketball, etc.
  3. USING 1 BLUETOOTH PUSH-BUTTON FOR REMOTE CONTROL - 1 click advances the score. 2 clicks advance the opponent's score (or the opposing team's score in doubles). "Hold" allows you to recall the score or enter the "trace" mode, where you can change the score by going back and forth in the game time (in case of errors).
  4. USING 2  BLUETOOTH PUSH-BUTTONS FOR REMOTE CONTROL - 1 click advances your score (or your team's doubles). 2 clicks state the score and the order of service. "Hold" allows you to enter the "trace" mode, where you can change the score by going back and forth in the game time (in case of errors).
  5. SCORE VOICE CALLS -  instead of programmable sounds, the points of the game can be declared by SegnaPunti with the predetermined voice
  6. NAMES OF PLAYERS - from the App preferences you can establish that at the beginning of the match you can give a name to the players (very convenient in the double), so that the game turns are clearly displayed and the service change at the beginning of each Set.
  7. DISPLAY PREFERENCES- SegnaPunti® can be modified with various preferences, both for play and for viewing. It is possible, for example, to change the text size, the volume and the types of sounds that differentiate each game situation.
  8. STATISTICS - SegnaPunti® can collect some data, during the match, relating to who is serving and who is receiving, and from these extrapolate statistics that highlight the progress and progression of the game. In particular if using 2 BlueTooth buttons.



The ideal use of SegnaPunti® is to install it on an iPad (iOS 12 or higher) or an Android Tablet 6 >.
Once paired with the Bluetooth buttons, set your preferences as you wish and start your match.
If you have a Bluetooth speaker to paire, you can also listen to the score update at the desired volume.

Mobile phone

The App can also be used with a mobile phone (iPhone and Android) with the same functionality as a Tablet.
Beacuase of the small screen size, the ideal is therefore to use an external Bluetooth speaker paired with the phone and thus listen to the score updates.

Tv set

Clubs that make a large format TV available on the tennis court, give players the possibility, by using their mobile phone or tablet, to rent the push-buttons for the duration of the match and thus display the score on the TV.
There are several ways to mirror a TV, depending on the operating system and the TV.
iOS: Lightning Digital AV Adapter, Video & TV CastApowerMirror
: ApowerMirrorSamsung Smart ViewChromecast, MHL (Mobile High-definition Link)

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