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Tell everyone: Referi is born and the rules of game change. 

Referi. The game changer

Forgot your score?

The solution is SegnaPunto


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Features of SegnaPunto®

  • TRACK SCORE, ORDER OF SERVICE, CHANGE OF ENDS.  The display clearly shows the different game situations, perfectly visible to both players if the Tablet is positioned near the benches on the sidelines. Try it now!
  • TENNIS AND TABLE TENNIS (Ping Pong).   Each preference of SegnaPunto® is independent and personalized on the sport in use. We have big plans for this App, including the integration of other Sports, such as Volleyball, Padel, Basketball, etc.
  • USING 1 BLUETOOTH PUSH-BUTTON FOR REMOTE CONTROL. 1 click advances the score. 2 clicks advance the opponent's score (or the opposing team's score in doubles). "Hold" allows you to recall the score or enter the "trace" mode, where you can change the score by going back and forth in the game time (in case of errors). Try it now!
  • USING 2 BLUETOOTH PUSH-BUTTONS FOR REMOTE CONTROL.  1 click advances your score (or your team's doubles). 2 clicks state the score and the order of service. "Hold" allows you to enter the "trace" mode, where you can change the score by going back and forth in the game time (in case of errors).
  • SCORE VOICE CALLS instead of programmable sounds, the points of the game can be declared by SegnaPunto with the predetermined voice.
  • NAMES OF PLAYERS from the App preferences you can establish that at the beginning of the match you can give a name to the players (very convenient in double), so that the game turns are clearly displayed as the service change at the beginning of each Game.
  • DISPLAY PREFERENCES  SegnaPunto® can be modified with various preferences, both for play and for viewing. It is possible, for example, to change the text size, the volume and the types of sounds that differentiate each game situation.
  • STATISTICS - SegnaPunto® can collect some data, during the match, relating to who is serving and who is receiving, and from these extrapolate statistics that highlight the progression of the game. Particularly if using 2 BlueTooth buttons.


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Segnapunto is an APP connected to a Bluetooth button that, when worn by the players, communicates the score during the game.