Segnapunto® has extensive indications on its operation, within the application.
However, we hope that the following list will fill any gaps

  • What is SegnaPunto® ?
    A software App and one or more hardware Bluetooth push-buttons dedicated to sports amateurs and semi-professionals. The push-buttons work as a remote control to advance the score on the application
  • What is a Bluetooth push-button ?
    A small round silicone button, 30mm in diameter by 8.5 in height, 8 grams in weight, inside which the electronic circuit allows you to send three types of signals, at a distance of up to 200 meters: a single click, two clicks or a hold ( by holding it down for 2 seconds). The Bluetooth push-button has a common replaceable lens battery inside, with a life of up to 3 years. The button has a clip to attach it to clothes and, moreover, it can be attached to a surface with its removable adhesive back.
  • "On this device, Bluetooth appears to be turned off or not supported!". If enabling Bluetooth on SegnaPunto you receive this message, Bluetooth is probably disabled on your device. If not, it means that the version of your operating system is not supported by SegnaPunto. In this case you can still use the buttons, after downloading the "Flic" App (from the Apple Store or Google Play) then following the instructions of the SegnaPunto help.
  • What SegnaPunto® is used for ?
    Open the main menu in the app and find the Extensions tab. Click on it to open the Extensions Some sports, such as Tennis and Table Tennis (Ping Pong) have a scoring system which in some phases of the game is particularly complex and difficult to remember. The service order, the receiver order, the field changes, the Set change and the TieBreaks, can easily be managed by our application: the progress of the score, carried out manually on the App or remotely via our push-button, is clearly displayed on the screen and signaled by sound or voice. As well as field changes, service changes, tennis tie-breaks, etc.
  • How can I use SegnaPunto® ?
    The ideal use, both in Tennis and in Table Tennis, is achieved by installing the application on a tablet that will be placed on the side of the courd, near the net, so that it is clearly visible to all players. In Tennis, where the distances are greater, an external bluetooth speaker, not included, allows you to clearly hear the score calls, even outdoor.
  • Can I use SegnaPunto® with other sports, besides Tennis and Ping Pong?Posso usare SegnaPunto® con altri sport, oltre il Tennis e il Ping Pong ? 
    We have big plans for SegnaPunti®. Surely one of the first updates that we will perform will be the integration for sports such as volleyball, basketball and all sports that require a complicated score.
  • Do I need a single button or two buttons in order to use SegnaPunto® ? 
    SegnaPunto® can be used with a single button, but accepting some limitations that this entails. In practice, however, it is more convenient that each player or team (in doubles) is responsible for advancing the score when scoring a point.
  • With which operating system can I use SegnaPunto® ?  
     iPhone: iOS 12 and above (PLEASE NOTE: although the BlueTooth buttons can be directly coupled only with iOS 12 and above, it is however still possible to use them with iOS 9.3 and above, through a second connection App (contact us if you have this need) Android: 6 > (Galaxy Tab A, Samsung, ecc)
  • Why on launch, on Android, I am asked to authorise location? 
    This is due to a requirement of the Android platform in order to scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices. This is not needed on iOS. In any case, SegnaPunto does not use the location of your device.
  • Can you use SegnaPunto® with a PC or Mac ? 
    At the moment SegnaPunto® can only be used with iOS and Android. To use a large format screen, for example for a fixed location in a club, we recommend a webTV combined with a normal mobile phone that transmits the SegnaPunto® image, using AirPlay or other "mirroring" systems. In this way the score can be viewed on the big screen (or even projected on a surface). If you need a OSX or Windows version of SegnaPunto®, please contact us
  • What languages are available in SegnaPunto® ?
  •  The App can currently be used in Italian and English
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Segnapunto is an APP connected to a Bluetooth button that, when worn by the players, communicates the score during the game.